M-D Wood Floors can offer a hardwood floor that is warm and beautiful from products made by major manufactures from around the world.  A large selection of  species and colors from Domestic to Exotic woods are available.  There are floor groups such as solid, engineered, longstrip, handscraped, prefinished, unfinished, wood veneers and laminate.  Wood floors can last a lifetime with proper care.

The definition of floor groups.

  • A solid wood floor is made from one piece of solid wood which can move by expanding and contracting. 

  • An engineered board is several plies of wood that is glued and laminated together to form a wood plank.

  • A wood veneer is a thinner board.  High quality thicker veneers can be sanded and refinished.

  • Longstrip is really an engineered construction but is much longer and wider.  The top layer of a longstrip plank generally has 2-3 rows of thin hardwood strips spliced together to form a solid surface.  This gives the appearance of having 2-3 planks locked together, but it is just one board.

  • Exotic is used to describe hardwood species from Australia, Africa, Brazil and the Far East.  They offer unique wood graining and colorations.  Most exotic floors are available in engineered wood and solid hardwood planks as well.

  • Handscraped wood has the look of an old reclaimed wood floor but with today's finest finishes.

  • Pre-finished floors offer a wider variety of wood species and saves hours of labor and cleanup.

  • Unfinished wood floors allow you to have a really custom, job-site finish and a completely smooth uniform surface.

  • Laminate flooring is not wood at all.  These floors are actually several different layers of various materials that are pressed together and a printed film giving the floor the look of real wood.






American Black Cherry African Padauk Bronze Birch
American Cherry Hickory Australian Cypress Honey Oak
Antique Oak Maple Bamboo Rustic Maple
Antique Pine Mesquite Brazilian Cherry Yellow Birch
Ash Northern Red Oak Bubingo Yellow Pine
Hickory Walnut Cork  
Maple White Oak Ebony  
Mesquite Wild Pecan Ipe  
Myrtle   Jarrah  
Pecan   Merbau  
Red Alder   Purple Heart  
Red Oak   Santos Mahogany  
Texas Pecan   Teak  
Walnut   Tigerwood  
White Oak   Wenge